The UNSW Water Research Laboratory (WRL)  is at the cutting edge of the science and engineering of wetland restoration and rehabilitation. Over the past 20 years, we have undertaken on-ground projects to rehabilitate, repair and restore large wetlands across Australia.

What is wetland restoration?

We can provide a range of services to assess and restore both tidal and riverine wetlands. Our staff understand the environmental issues behind the observable problems and have a track record of developing tailored, on-ground solutions to stimulate functional wetland recovery. Read more…

Our research

Nature is complex. Endangered ecological communities embody this complexity, existing in a fine balance, though influenced by numerous factors including topography, geology and hydrology. Restoring this balance, to foster the genesis of an endangered ecological community, is a multi-disciplinary challenge. Bringing sound engineering principles to ecosystem restoration practice is a key strength of any environmental engineering project. Until recently, most large restoration projects have not incorporated principles of hydraulics, hydrodynamics and hydrology to concepts such as wetland channel design, shallow overland inundation, fish movement and wetland geomorphology. Read more…

Meet our restoration team

William Glamore
Associate Professor
William is an internationally recognised, award winning expert specialising in field, laboratory and numerical modelling studies related to wetland restoration and hydrology. His primary fields of interest are related to Read More
Duncan Rayner
Director, Industry Research (acting)
An expert in field investigation and data collection in challenging environments; Duncan specialises in coastal wetlands and estuaries. Duncan’s field expertise supports his significant experience in numerical modelling and laboratory investigations, Read More
Jamie Ruprecht
Research Associate
Jamie has become one of our most accomplished wetland restoration and field work experts, being a major contributor to the hugely successful Big Swamp restoration project. He is a Research Associate Read More