Big Swamp restoration project

Winner of the 2015 Green Globe Award for Natural Environment Sustainability, this ongoing project has determined priority areas for wetland creation at Big Swamp, detailed innovative on-ground methods, modelled flooding impacts and undertaken large scale on-ground works to restore/create new wetlands. To date, the Big Swamp project has transformed over 700 hectares of degraded landscapes into functioning wetlands, including 80 hectares of new tidal wetlands. It has also elevated ground water levels above the acidic soil layer and re-inundated over 620 hectares.

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Tomago Wetland restoration project

Winner of multiple environmental awards, this project has transformed the Tomago Wetland site from a large acidic landscape into a restored productive tidal wetland. The wetland has been created to compensate for migratory wading bird habitat destroyed elsewhere in the lower Hunter River estuary. The specific challenge faced by the restoration project was to design and build a system that would naturally encourage salt marsh regeneration, an ecological community in serious decline in NSW.

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